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At SPAR Solutions, we understand that exceptional customer service starts with empowered agents. Our team of Verint KM experts will guide you through a seamless implementation process, tailoring the platform to your unique business needs. From centralizing your knowledge assets to optimizing your content and processes, we'll help you unlock the full potential of Verint Knowledge Management.

Amplify Knowledge

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Centralized Knowledge

Centralized Knowledge

Single Source of Truth
Our team consolidates your knowledge assets into a unified, easily accessible repository, breaking down silos and ensuring consistent, accurate information across all channels.
Intelligent Search and Navigation
We implement advanced search functionality and intuitive navigation, enabling your agents to find the right answers quickly and efficiently.
Seamless Integration
Our experts integrate Verint KM with your existing CRM and contact center systems, providing agents with contextual knowledge based on customer interactions.
Multi-Channel Support
We extend your knowledge assets to customer self-service portals, chatbots, and mobile applications, empowering customers to find answers on their preferred channels.
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Authoring & Curation

Authoring & Curation

Collaborative Workflows
Our team establishes workflows that enable subject matter experts across your organization to contribute and review knowledge content, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
Automated Content Tagging
We leverage Verint KM's AI capabilities to automatically tag and categorize content, making it easier for agents and customers to find the information they need.
Content Lifecycle Management
Our experts implement processes for regular content reviews, updates, and archiving, keeping your knowledge base up-to-date and clutter-free.
Multi-Language Support
We help you create and manage content in multiple languages, enabling you to serve customers across different regions and demographics effectively.
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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Usage and Performance Metrics
Our team helps you gain in-depth analytics on knowledge usage, article effectiveness, and agent performance, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.
Content Gap Analysis
We analyze customer inquiries and agent searches to identify content gaps, enabling you to create targeted knowledge assets that address common issues and questions.
Feedback and Optimization
Our experts help you gather and act on feedback from agents and customers, continuously refining your knowledge base and processes based on real-world insights.
Reporting and Dashboards
We set up comprehensive reporting dashboards that track key performance indicators, demonstrating the impact of your knowledge management initiatives and informing strategic decisions.
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Training & Support

Training & Support

Customized Training Programs
Our team develops and delivers tailored training programs for your agents, supervisors, and content creators, ensuring effective utilization of Verint KM.
Guided Workflows and Decision Trees
We design guided workflows and decision trees that help agents navigate complex issues and provide consistent, accurate responses.
Adoption Strategies
Our experts work with you to develop and implement adoption strategies, including gamification and incentives, to drive user engagement and promote a culture of knowledge sharing.
Ongoing Support and Optimization
We provide ongoing support, best practices, and recommendations to help you maximize the value of your Verint KM investment and achieve long-term success.
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“SPAR helped us define, analyze, and customize within our budget and timeline. Working with SPAR was an absolute pleasure and we were able to launch without a hitch!”

Nina Rosenbladt

Senior Director of Business Analytics at SI-BONE

“SPAR has been a true partner in everything from large development projects to day-to-day management. I could not have led my department without them.”

Melissa Phan

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at NeoGenomics

"SPAR’s actions speak much louder than anything that's written in print… they have proven time and again to be reliable, knowledgeable, and transparent with my entire company… they've empowered me to remain trustworthy and communicate throughout my entire organization."

Dan Wagner

Chief Commercial Officer at Spark Biomedical

“SPAR brings their experience to help us think through the important details. We wouldn’t have been able to grow if not for the processes SPAR has helped us implement.”

Oliver Brouse

Corporate Controller at Earlens

“We had several calls with prospective partners and none of the others seemed to understand our goals and objectives. It was quite apparent that not only did SPAR understand but could relate their understanding back to us. Excellent partner, excellent outcome.”

Joey Len

Enovate Medical


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